Grey icon-sized & large textures

Wow, 1000+ people have friended this journal. That's pretty awesome! :D Here are a few textures to celebrate, in both icon-sized and larger versions. Please remember to comment, credit if you want, and enjoy!

Just a reminder: if you're taking anything from previous posts, please only comment once on one post saying what you took so I don't get multiple comments in my email. Thank you!

Download at DeviantArt

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S2 Layout #3: Simplicity is Best

Style: S2 Smooth Sailing
Looks best in: All browsers
Works with: Basic (Free) and Paid. Looks pretty weird in Sponsored.

LJ has recently released some neat features for the Smooth Sailing style, and I think we should start taking advantage of them. Now you can add a "welcome note" to the top of your journal instead of a sticky post, good for putting some rules up for a graphics journal or maybe just a simple introduction. You can also now add HTML in your welcome note and free text boxes! Remember, you get ten free text boxes in your sidebar, so do whatever you want - add some more links, images, etc. Have fun.

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